TYPE: Polyvinyl Acetate Emulsion

VISCOSITY: 6000 CPS + or - 500 Cps.

SOLIDS: 46 + or - 1

pH: 4.5 - 5


DESCRIPTION: Techno Adhesive #122 is an excellent polyvinyl acetate adhesive that works well in cold presses, glue reels and clamp carrier applications with minimum bleed through. Techno #122 is an excellent wood to wood adhesive performing well in colder temperatures. The #122 is fast drying and is excellent as a gap filler, performing especially well on oak, maple, and many other woods. Although it is a wood glue primarily it works well on MDF, Masonite, and other composition materials to wood. It is also effective with leather, high pressure laminates, cloth and other materials provided at least one surface is porous to allow moisture to leave the glue line.

APPLICATION: Approximately 45 pounds of glue per 1000 feet of single glue line. This may vary, depending on the porosity of the substrates. Use enough glue to produce a light squeeze out along the glue perimeter. Open assembly periods should not exceed 12 minutes at 70 degrees Farenheit. Laminates should be stored a minimum of 4 hours before cutting or sanding, with an optimum time of 24 hours.

WebDS #199
WebDS #299

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